Frequently Asked Questions


We have a number of photographers who composition and style we appreciate, with a two-way standing second shooter infill agreement if needed. We have not missed a session to date, and do not plan on doing so.

Image Rights

You get full prints rights. Although we have an AMAZING print shop built right in to your gallery, we know it is hard to pass up a Shutterfly 50% off coupon. Lol

Backup Equipment

Of course we brings backups! We have 4 camera bodies between the two of us, 8+ batteries depending on wedding duration (and chargers just in case), and for most weddings we bring between 5 and 7 lenses depending on the shot list. For off camera flash, we bring 3 independent flashes, allowing for both creativity in lighting the scene or redundancy in the case of failure.

Editing and Retouching

We hand edit each of our delivered images. Care is taken to remove and/or reduce visual distractions at our discretion. In additional we take care of noticeable blemishes and the all too common stress pimples, and even some scar removing on request.</p> <p>Additional retouching and and body sculpting is on an image by image bases at the request of the client, and would include an additional charge starting at $5/image.

Turn Around Time

For our weddings, you can expect your sneak peaks in a week, and full gallery averages 2 weeks.

Travel Costs

Our invoices are inclusive of costs to the wedding venue and reception location. Additional cost may be incurred if the location changed the day of, or is added to the schedule.

Shot List

It may be best to show you example galleries, but outside of the standard wedding shots, our shot list varies based on the couple and their wants. This is determined during a phone consult as we learn more about their style and the feel they are looking for. We have our special shots that we do, like the ring placed between the shoes and dress/bouquet in the background, wedding detail lay flat, etc. Some fun shots like the elevator closing or clear umbrella are situational.


Usually a 20% non-refundable deposit is required to secure us for your wedding day.